No but holy shit I hear all these people only getting like 4 hours and i’m just SWITCH ME JOBS PLEASE??? I DON’T WANT 38 HOURS


I don’t normally try and get advice from tumblr but I don’t know where to go;

I’ve been working at this place for maybe 3 months - it’s been 90 days already so my probation period is over.  But I’m just not cut out for service and dealing with customers.

So I’m planning on quitting my job and handing in my two weeks notice.

Does anyone have any advice on how to do this??  I feel bad because my team manager is such a sweetheart and I like some of the other coworkers so I’m worried about disappointing them.

I do plan on writing a resignation letter this Friday if they need it but I just need advice as to how to talk to my team manager about leaving.

Thanks in advance ♥

i’m quitting my job i don’t even care anymore bye

i got cat called multiple times today while in my memorial / funeral attire and i’m conflcited because although i kinda appreciate the fact i’m cute enough to be cat called, i do not want to be cat called in that kind of way and only by particular people

so m uch re g ret…

boss said i could come in an hour early if i wanted to but

i really don’t want to haha


pen pals with benefits