i want to go back in time and punch my past self for signing up for an 8am class that requires me tot get up at 6:30

e _ e

my anxiety is gone thank god bless my mom best mom award goes to mine everyone should be adopted by my mom you’d love her

My biggest fear is disappointing my mother because she’s the only living parent I have and she just said that she’s proud of me and she’s actually really relieved I’m going back to a bachelor-type program instead of a more demanding Master’s.

like honestly »  it’s not like i’m changing my major, i’m just dropping one of them.  recreational therapists get a $20.50 per hour, that’s not bad.

and the program only requires a 2.5

i have a 3.7


tbh i’d rather just be a recreational therapist than go for both occupational therapy ANd recreational therapy


i’m free